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Mixed-Oxidant Electrolytic Disinfectant Generators (MEDGs)

Mixed-oxidant disinfectants are the preferred means of disinfecting ship’s potable water:

  • Effective removal of biofilm in the distribution system.
  • Treated water has no unpleasant taste.
  • No bromine or other HazMat is used or produced. No operator exposure to HazMat. No bromine canisters to dispose of.
  • Five-year typical cell life.

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  • Model 9130 MEDG

    • Designed to be capable of disinfecting two sources of water simultaneously using an injection process, with minimal operator attention.
    • Electrically operated, package-type (bulkhead-mounted) unit ready for operation (turn-key system) with a footprint of 48 inches wide x 12 inches deep x 48 inches high.
    • Uses granular or pellet salt (sodium chloride) and potable water as inputs to produce a concentrated disinfectant solution in an electrolytic cell. The disinfectant solution is metered into the discharge from the ship’s desalination plants as an initial disinfectant and/or metered into recirculated water from the ship’s potable water tanks to replenish the level of disinfectant in the tanks.
  • Model 8060 Mk I MEDG


    A smaller version of our flagship 7060 MEDG. All non-metallic wetted materials are certified to NSF-61, 42, or 44 for drinking water.

    • Capable of treating both inline from water maker and recirculation of storage tanks, with independent injection systems.
    • Treats up to 240,000 gal (900 m3) of water per day
    • Fully automatic, with full diagnostic capability.
    • Deck-mounted for DDG 1000.


  • Model 7060 Mk I, II, III MEDG


    The controller supervises every aspect of operation and provides full diagnostics, requiring minimum operator intervention. In normal operation, the operator merely adds salt to the unit occasionally.

    • Our basic inline mixed-oxidant electrolytic disinfectant generator (MEDG).
    • To 4 lb per day free available chlorine (FAC).
    • Treats up to 480,000 gal (1,800 m3) of water per day
    • NSF-61, 42, or 44-certified for drinking water.