Howell Laboratories, Inc.

Water Treatment

HLI has been investing in Research and Development (R&D) efforts to design and manufacture green technology potable and seawater treatment systems to disinfect and combat biofouling. HLI has offered their customers traditional Bromine potable water treatment systems that are effective, but HLI wants to eliminate any customer safety and hazardous material concerns by focusing on green technology. HLI has been working with and refining electrolytic generator technology (Hypochlorite) for over ten years. Hypochlorite is the most extensively used of all chemical disinfectants. Long recognized for its extremely low toxicity, deodorizing power, long lasting effect, safe handling and storage possibilities, this powerful germicide has proved ideal for a wide variety of applications to include bacteria and algae growth control and drinking water sterilization. Due to the process of on-site chemical generation, the concentration of chemical is below hazardous chemical limits, providing a safe work place.