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Chlorine Analyzers

Provide control for chlorination systems preventing bio-fouling in dockside marine equipment.

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  • Model 9008 Mk I Dockside Chlorine Analyzer


    Easily installed dockside near the discharge of any cooling system where chlorine is used to prevent bio-fouling of the cooling water. Typical applications include heat exchangers, dockside seawater systems, engine cooling systems, and electronic component skids. Ideal for temporary maintenance applications, but also for continuous operation in permanent installations.

    • Ensures optimal chlorination in dockside seawater anti-fouling systems.
    • Free-standing dockside.
    • Automatic operation in conjunction with Model 8850 Mk II Dockside Chlorinator.
  • TRO Sensor


    FREE CHLORINE (TRO) is measured using amperometry without the use of membranes, electrolytes or reagents and consequently requires far less maintenance than conventional systems. It’s integrated pH and temperature sensors enable onboard compensation for temperature and pH. It measures Free Chlorine using auto-ranging from 0 to 15 ppm. Unlike ORP, the relationship of chlorine to signal is linear, not logarithmic, resulting in higher accuracy.