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Dew Point Calibration

Dew point sensor calibration accredited to ISO 17025 expected by mid-2018.

Dew point sensors need frequent calibration to ensure they are performing optimally. Our soon to be A2LA-accredited calibration laboratory offers calibration for dew point sensors, traceable to NIST, from -148°F to 68°F (-100°C to 20°C).

To make the process of re-calibration as simple and convenient as possible, we offer two options:

Service Exchange
For most of our dew point sensors we offer a very convenient, low cost, low downtime sensor exchange program. Using this unique service is undoubtedly the quickest and most efficient method of maintaining calibration and one that will avoid any instrument downtime. HLI will send you a freshly calibrated sensor and you simply return your old sensor to us within 21 days.

Return Service
With Return service, you can choose to return your dew-point instrument or sensor to us at any time and we will calibrate the instrument or the sensor for you. For a small additional cost we will also provide reading before and after calibration, if requested at time of order.

Note: All 7006 models need to have both the sensor and the monitor returned for calibration.

Our experienced Contracts department will help ensure the process goes smoothly. Please contact us to get started.