MLC 2006 Water Treatment

The entry into force of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) in August 2013 will for the first time set out regulations specifying the need to maintain high quality drinking water standards onboard ship which protect crew from waterborne health risks.

In response Howell Laboratories, along with its partner MIOX Corp, has launched a series of On-Site Generation products tailored for ship board use (see Potable & Pool Water Treatment) .  This equipment when combined with regular monitoring and testing enables sea staff to effectively treat the potable or drinking water network onboard ships.  An On-Site generation system from Howell Laboratories provides a very effective hypochlorite based chemical to treat the ship’s water supply to protect against common infectious bacteria and health issues caused by bacteria proliferation such as Legionella and viral contamination from Cryptosporidium.  Using only water, salt and electricity, the owner can generate all disinfection chemicals they need onboard when it is needed.

Improperly managed water is a known route for infectious diseases to be transmitted onboard ships.  If your water system has failed inspections or you require a system for you new build, Howell Laboratories can help.

More on the MLC 2006

MLC-2006, often described as the fourth pillar of maritime regulation after SOLAS, MARPOL and STW affects ships over 500 gross tonnes.  These ships will need to be certified upon the convention’s entry into force. Ship owners, managers, shipyards and crew manning agencies must all understand how the MLC 2006 affects them and develop and implement measures to ensure ongoing compliance with its requirements.  Refer to the International Labour Organization’s website dedicated to the law for more information HERE.