Dew Point Conversion Calculator

Dew point changes as pressure changes (and vice-versa). Therefore, if you know an air stream’s dew point at a given pressure, then change the pressure, the dew point will change.


Find the equivalent dew point that corresponds to a given change in pressure.

  1. 1

    °F °C

    Known Dew Point

    Enter the known dew point (DP).

  2. 2

    psig psia
    kPa kPa

    Pressure for Known Dew Point

    Enter the pressure for the known DP.

  3. 3

    psig psia
    kPa kPa

    New Pressure

    Enter the new pressure for which you want to know the equivalent DP.

  4. 4

    °F °C

    Equivalent Dew Point

    Read the equivalient dew point at the new pressure and calculate.

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