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Model HLI 9000 Mk II Enhanced Dew Point Hygrometer
Model HLI 9000 Mk II Enhanced Dew Point Hygrometer Model HLI 9000 Mk II Enhanced Dew Point Hygrometer Model HLI 9000 Mk II Enhanced Dew Point Hygrometer

Model HLI 9000 Mk II Enhanced Dew Point Hygrometer

Portable Moisture Measurement: Repeatable, Fast, and Accurate.

Successfully met and exceeded NAVSEA specifications (MIL-PRF-28800, MIL-M-24144 and SCAT 4174)!

NSN: 6685-01-630-4878.

Replaces Stephens Analytical DL20N-EP5100 (HLI Model 7055-G501), HLI Model 5250 Low-Pressure Frost Point Indicator, Model 5100 High-Pressure FPI, HLI 9000 Mk I, or any other portable dew point monitor you are currently using. The HLI 9000 Mk II does it all!


The HLI 9000 Mk II provides faster response to low dew points, reducing the waiting time for every measurement. This allows the user to spend less time verifying the dew point of his system. The HLI 9000 Mk II gives a measurement down to -70° C (-94° F) dew point in less than 10 minutes for T95 (dew point temperature at 95% confidence level).

The HLI 9000 Mk II has a USB port, enabling easy download of logged measurement data.

The Enhanced Dew Point Hygrometer offers versatile sampling arrangements, ranging from simple fi xed orifi ces for low-pressure measurement to configurable high-pressure sampling systems up to 6500 psig. Use the standard built-in moisture sensor.

The HLI 9000 Mk II features a built-in pressure transducer for simplicity and increased accuracy of pressure-compensated measurements. The Mk II also contains an internal pressure relief valve to ensure long-term stability and sensor life.

The menu-driven display, easily accessible gas connections and application software means that the user can quickly and easily set up the instrument and be taking measurements within minutes. All measurement parameters are available at a touch. The keys can be operated in rough environmental conditions where the operator may need gloved hands.

Best-in-class accuracy of ± 1° C (± 1.8° F) dew point provides better measurement confidence and workload coverage. The HLI 9000 Mk II is designed as a line-powered device, and comes equipped with a rechargeable internal battery pack for those locations without an outlet within reach.

The HLI 9000 Mk II is not suitable for use in hazardous areas or with hazardous gases. Consult the factory for information on models for these applications.

With more than 45 years' experience in fluid processing systems, HLI understands what the user requires when it comes to spot checking dew point or moisture content in the field. The HLI 9000 Mk II includes all the features you need for efficient work. An extremely fast response and accurate, stable measurement is complemented by an instrument that's easy to use, with data-logging and built in sampling standard and a wide range of available accessories, including a stand-alone sampling system and a hard transport case. It is NEMA 4 rated, and therefore suitable for demanding outdoor applications.


The HLI 9000 Mk II uses a highly-developed ceramic impedance sensor, which is constructed using state-of-the-art thin and thick film techniques. Water vapor is absorbed into a porous non-conducting layer "sandwiched" between two conductive layers built on top of a base ceramic substrate. The active sensor layer is very thin - less than one micron - and the porous top conductor that allows transmission of water vapor into the sensor is less than 4 x 10-8 inches thick. As a result, the sensor responds rapidly to changes in moisture, both in detecting moisture and also when being dried. It is rugged and gives ± 1° C (± 1.8° F) dew point accuracy coupled with excellent long-term reliability and stability.

Technical specifications:

Measurement technology: ceramic, thin-film sensor.

Measurement accuracy ± 1° C (± 1.8° F) from -60° to + 20° C (-76° to +65° F) dew point.

  • ± 2° C (± 3.6° F) from -100° to -60° C (-148° to -76° F) dew point.
  • ± 0.2° C (± 0.36° F) temperature.

Measurement range: Calibrated -100° to +20° C (-148° to +65° F) dew point

Readings to +30° C (+86° F) dew point.

Measurement units:

°F, °C, °K for dew point and gas temperature.

  • ppmv, ppmw for air, N2, H2, CO2, SF6, %RH, g/m3, g/kg.
  • Option: active pressure (psi, bar, MPa, KPa).

Resolution (display): 0.1 for all dew-point derived units and auto ranging where appropriate (e.g. ppm).

Resolution (measurement): >0.01° C (0.02° F) dew point.

Typical response speed: T95 in <10 minutes to -70° C (-94° F).

Measurement system repeatability: Better than 0.1° C (0.18° F).

Measurement system stability: 0.1° C (0.18° F).

Measurement system hysteresis: 0.05° C (0.09° F).

Electrical input/output:

Power supply: 115 VAC power, or optional rechargeable battery operation.

Operating conditions:

Operating pressure range: 5000 psig for internal sensor, higher pressures with external sampling systems.

Operating environment: Outdoors, 0 to +100% RH condensing; -20° to +50°C (-4° to +122° F).

Storage/transport temperature: -40° to +70° C (-40° to +158° F).

Mechanical specifications:

Display: Blue LCD graphical display.

Enclosure type: AISI 316 stainless steel.

Gas connections: Compatible with existing shipboard installed sample ports; other options available.

Flow across sensor: 0.2 to 1.0 liters/min (0.4 to 2.0 scfh).

Filter: 50 micron stainless steel sinter in the inlet port.

Gas wetted materials: AISI 316L stainless steel.

Outline dimensions: 7 in x 10 in x 3-1/2 in (178 mm x 254 mm x 89 mm).

Weight: Less than 5 lb (2.3 kg).


Data logging: 8 megabytes; Log interval: 5 to 60 second; Logs per log fi le: Up to 10,000.

Communications: USB port.

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German.

Available accessories:

External dew point sensor for high-pressure applications (max. 6,500 psig)

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