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Royal Caribbean teams with Howell Labs to introduce new disinfection control strategy

When Royal Caribbean’s newest ship, Harmony of the Seas sets sail May 2016, it will be treating its potable, recreational and general use water with a revolutionary strategy for the cruise ship industry.  Having teamed with Howell Laboratories, Royal Caribbean will introduce on-board chlorine/mixed oxidant generation.

Howell’s mixed oxidant disinfectant technology generates a mixed oxidant solution on board that replaces bottled chlorine. The new strategy, which leverages MIOX® Corporation’s patented mixed oxidant chlorine generation system, along with Howell’s expertise in integrating shipboard technologies, produces disinfectant at a lower cost, is greener and is more effective at addressing many water disinfection problems, including preventing the formation of biofilm.

From a passenger standpoint, the most notable benefits of the new strategy include a reduction in the taste of chlorine in drinking water, as well as the virtual elimination of odor and stinging eyes associated with chlorinated pool and spa water.

Adam Jones, Howell’s Director Business Development-Commercial Products, said,  “We’re extremely proud to be partnering with Royal Caribbean to bring this game-changing technology to the cruise ship industry. The strategy just makes so much sense for cruise ships. Generation of the mixed oxidant solution is done on-demand and only as needed, so it also improves efficiency and safety for the crew because it eliminates many manual and hazardous tasks. And the only thing you need to store is salt,” he said.

Jones said Howell has been installing similar systems in U.S. Navy ships for years with great results. He noted the strategy has also been used in over 2,000 municipal and commercial water treatment systems throughout the world.

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