Chlorine Demand per Day Calculator

Use these calculators to estimate chlorine demand per day based on your water usage and dosing needs. Metric and US customary units.


Generating Solutions – On-Demand

Learn more about our on-site mixed generators and the benefits of using these systems.

arrowMLC 2006 Water Treatment

Learn more about how the Maritime Labor Convention’s 2006 treaty will change the way you need to monitor and treat potable water on your ship.

arrowDew Point Conversion Calculator

Dew point changes as pressure changes (and vice-versa). Therefore, if you know an air stream’s dew point at a given pressure, then change the pressure, the dew point will change.  Visit this page to calculate dew point values.

For products that can monitor dew point levels or dehydrate your compressed air supply, visit our products page here.

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Visit this page for information for Howell Laboratories, Inc’s vendors.