Navy Tech

Navy Tech

Since our founding almost fifty years ago, Howell Laboratories has excelled at designing, manufacturing, and even modifying specialized equipment for use by the US Navy and US Coast Guard.

Beginning in 1964 with compressed air systems and components, our Navy Tech products now include an extensive line of fluid processing equipment for shipboard use, including not only air dehydration products, but potable water treatment, and seawater electrochlorination equipment as well. Many were developed and produced entirely in-house; while others were created by adroitly combining this military shipboard expertise with selected patented technology of our partners. This ability and willingness to develop necessary solutions, both internally, and through creative partnering ensures your specific needs can be addressed.

After initial deployment, you can still rely on Howell Laboratories for proper support. We keep extensive records on all contracts and products, and stock many sub-assemblies and spare parts for immediate shipment in an emergency, or routine scheduled maintenance – for both current, as well as legacy products. We also have fully-qualified Field Engineers that can be dispatched as need dictates. Whenever you see a Howell nameplate, you know we’re just a contact away with information and assistance.

All our Navy Tech products can be provided with full ILS documentation, and meet the most demanding US Navy shock, vibration, EMI, and welding requirements. Our facility is also ISO 9001 compliant. Our proven history and this focus on proper certification and attention to detail provide the framework for consistently increasing overall reliability, and improving MTBF; thereby reducing your overall TOC.