Designing and Manufacturing

HLI has a long history of designing and manufacturing custom systems suitable for the harsh marine environment. It is this ability to adapt current products or apply new technologies to solve customer’s problems that has driven our continued success for nearly five decades.

HLI is staffed with a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines with demonstrated knowledge in the maritime industry. Our projects are organized using the basic principles defined by the Project Management Institute. Our designing and manufacturing processes are ISO 9001:2008 certified. We take pride in our capability to bring the best possible solution to lower our customer’s total ownership cost.

Each design is conceptualized in 3D space, and analyzed using Finite Element Analysis. These processes reduce the time required to manufacture the prototype, plus reduce the cycles needed to achieve optimization. Design reviews are completed at predefined intervals to ensure the equipment is meeting the customer’s requirements. Each product is manufactured and thoroughly tested by experienced technicians.


Our products are fully tested to the rigorous standards demanded by our customers. We make sure that the equipment we supply and support will survive the maritime environment.


Beyond design, manufacture, and test, our engineers and technicians are on the deck plates at new installations to help support the customer to ensure that the equipment is installed correctly, and that the crew is trained properly on how to operate and maintain the equipment. After the installation we support the customer with detailed technical manuals along with phone and email support. If your crew has a question about operation, maintenance, or just needs to confirm a part number, we are there to support your crew to ensure the equipment is up and running when you need it.